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Together, we are building a
Nation we can be proud of.

Our employees are the beating heart of the Authority.

​​​​​When focusing on individual excellence, we assure success at the team level, and when focusing on team excellence, we ensure the institution of a great homeland. This is the recipe for success, and this is the reality we experience.​​

At the Authority, we are committed to creating an enriching experience for all of our employees through 3 key areas:


We will offer you the time you need to enrich yourself, both personally and professionally. We will support you to pursue your development goals, to grow your area of expertise and complete your certifications, whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


At the Authority, you will have exposure to a range of organizations across numerous industries, learning continuously through the people around you and the experiences you have. We create an environment for you to thrive, for you to work with different teams across the organization and share enriching experiences together.​​​


Most importantly, through your work at the Authority, you will have the unique opportunity to enrich the Nation of Dubai. ​​​By protecting our Nation's funds, partnering with and providing advice to some of the most influential organizations, you can make a real difference. This is what we are most proud of.


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If you are interested in joining the Authority's community to enrich yourself, others around you and our Nation, please explore our career pages to see the opportunities we have to offer. Linkedin