Other Types of Audit | Financial Audit Authority | UAE


The Authority conducts other types of audit including Tax Audit, Special Audit, and investigating the financial and administrative violations.


​​Investigating the financial and administrative violations.

The Financial Audit Authority is responsible for investigating the financial and administrative violations detected by the Authority or by the Auditees, examining the reasons led to their occurrence, taking appropriate measures thereon, and verifying the complaints, data and information received by the Authority on any financial violations committed within the Auditees.​

The following cases and incidents, without limitation, will be considered as financial and administrative violations and must be referred by an Auditee to the Authority for investigation:

  1. Failure to comply with the financial rules, regulations, and bylaws applicable to the Auditee.

  2. Failure to comply with the rules and provisions governing the implementation of the items of the General Budget or the Auditee’s budget and the rules and provisions governing the contracts and agreements concluded by the Auditee.

  3. Issuance of administrative resolutions that contradict with the legislation in force which may have a financial impact.

  4. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations governing warehouses and with the accounting policies issued by the Auditee.​

  5. Failure to timely provide the Authority with the financial data, draft Financial Statements, and their supporting documents by the prescribed deadlines’ or failure to provide the Authority with the documents require to conduct audit work.

  6. Any disposition, act, omission, negligence, or dereliction of duty that results in damage to the Auditee or cause the loss of, or compromise, the financial rights thereof.

  7. Misappropriation of the Public Funds or Auditee’s funds facilitating the misappropriation or embezzlement of such funds, or causing loss of the interests thereof.

  8. Wasting Auditee funds, or acting fraudulently with the intention of embezzling such funds.

  9. Abuse of a public office for deriving personal gains for himself or others; or for obstructing, hindering, or delaying the collection of the Public Revenue generated from the funds, taxes, and fees prescribed for the Government or Auditees’, falsification of official documents or use of false instruments, receiving or soliciting a bribe and

  10. Violations related to tax or customs evasion.